Create sucessful marketing campaigns between printed collateral and the web:
Create successful Corporate identities — build recognition, customer loyalty and support: the branding of Meet Me In Marlborough.
We design colateral — brochures, posters, stationary and print on almost anything, including CDs, Custom T–shirts, mouse pads, etc. for leave behinds and brand promotion. CD package design: The album Beautyway for formerly Blackbird recording artist Deanna Kirk.
Advertising, Promotional Marketing, Periodicals and Books: Open Society News magazine for the Soros Foundations; logo and ad for Landmark Finishes.
Photo-Illustration: Comp & Hi-Res Art.
Portfolio: Thinking outside of the Box
In this day and age of web design, people sometimes forget that print has fixed deadlines, after which there are no more revisions. That does not keep clients from delivering last minute changes. While we always do our best, last minute changes on print jobs can have unintended consequences, and we thought to remind you of this.