This is the portfolio site of Onno de Jong. He goes under the moniker of Circular Creation and uses the cliche to think outside the box to sell himself. He can sell you as well, and he can legitimately claim to think outside of the box, as he spent 20 years studying philosophy, which is essentially the art of the conceptual tools by which we can think out of the box. He does design, illustration, photography, computer consulting and philosophical counseling. Computer consultant: osx compliant, to publishing houses, design studios and and advertising agencies: from 1988 to present. Freelance graphic artist: 14 years experience in design, photography, computer graphics, web and video. Parsons School of Design: faculty in the Illustration and Design and Technology departments since 1990: taught Illustration, Design, Multimedia and web using Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Director, AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro, Flash, HTML, CSS and web development tools. Kodak award for 16 MM short Dance Viola da Gamba; Photography and Painting solo and group shows: Lincoln Center Gallery, Puffin Room, Dance on Camera Festival Contributing writer at HOW magazine: 1989-96 articles on 3D, New Media, Commentary and Software reviews; philosophical counseling, practical philosophy,,, ☮


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I created this site in 2003, which is lightyears ago in web-time. I will eventually create a new one but I'm writing a book project, which has precedence, so if it takes a while, well, that's how it goes. You can read my first book: For a Future. In the meantime, visit my 2009 site Outsource to the East, or take a look at my portfolio.