Standards-compliant CSS hand-coded web sites take less time to create and maintain and are as unique as you can imagine them to be:
Peter Gregoire Photography.
Dynamic web sites are database driven, templated sites whose biggest asset is that the client can update the website themselves. We develop the templates to fit your design, build the initial site and show you how to update the content: Kareen Smith Design
Coordinate your web print and video campaigns for greatest effect. We create uniform and consistent branding accross all media for consistent and effective communication: Re-election campaign for Al Lanzetta, Town of Marlborough Supervisor.
CMS sites are especially effective for corporate intranets, education and non profits that are interested in facilitating the organization with a virtual office. Non profits stand to benefit most as they maintain their own website without the added support costs: The Earth School.
We hand code HTML, CSS and work with Javascript and PHP templated Content Managment Systems (CMS) and Adobe Flash to create Standards-compliant web sites that work for you. Please be aware that Apple's iPhone does not work with Flash. Many clients prefer the flexibility of a dynamic web site, but it is not always the best answer. Integration with server and client side technologies; custom build templates; rich media, content creation, e-commerce, site maintenance, management and integration with print and video services. Everything is hand coded and relies on the latest standards. Dynamic web sites are ideal for business, education and government.